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About Fancy Diamonds

Every fancy colored diamond boasts a distinctive combination of hue, tone and saturation that give it a brilliance and identity all its own. To truly capture the romance of each stone, certain shapes are essential because they tend to maximize diamond color. Radiant and princess cuts offer the most intense saturation. Oval and pear shapes intensify the natural beauty of a fancy colored diamond. Round fancy colors are the rarest.

Part of the romance of these amazing natural phenomena is how little is known about them. While yellows can vary widely from pale lemon to deep orange hues, they're all called canary diamonds. Fancy pink stones account for fewer than one percent of all diamonds mined and can vary in color from pastel pinks to vivid shades that approach purple or red. Mystery

Part of the mystery of fancy colored diamonds lies in the fact that they defy conventional rules. There are several conditions in nature that create colored diamonds. First, elements that create color can replace some carbon atoms in the atomic matrix. For example, the presence of nitrogen is responsible for yellow. Second, distortion in the atomic structure caused by heat or pressure, is believed to be the reason for the creation of pink.

And the ways in which price is determined conventional diamond tradition as well. While cut, clarify and carat weight affect the price of white diamonds, they are much less meaningful than color in determining the value for fancy colored diamonds.

To provide buyers and sellers with peace of mind, both the GIA and EGL issue color grades on stones they find to be of natural color. Larger fancy colored diamonds are sold almost exclusively using one of these reports.

Fancy Diamond Grading & Value

Faint -Very Light - Light - Fancy Light -Fancy -Fancy Intense - Fancy Vivid - Fancy Deep

Color Grades of Yellow Fancy Diamonds

The word "fancy" hardly describes these... the world's rarest gemstones. Coveted by kings and commoners alike, fancy colored diamonds occur in nature in dazzling colors that range from yellows and pinks to exotic hues like blue, purple, even red. Uniquely expressive, such diamonds have the power to inspire jewelry designers to new levels of creativity, increasing the beauty and diversity of a manufacturer's line. They help retailers attract more customers and add a new source of profit to every facet of the jewelry industry. Profit

Only a few thousand carats of fancy colored rough diamonds at gem quality are mined each year, compared to tens at millions of carats of white diamonds. That's the primary reason fancy colored diamonds are regarded as more special than colorless diamonds. Thanks to increased press coverage of these rare stones, a robust economy and sophisticated jewelry buyers' desire to possess the rare and unusual, the market far these diamonds has never been stronger.

These natural untreated diamonds provide exceptional material far creating distinctive pieces that can add profitable sales to your bottom line

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