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Introducing the new Luna Bella Collection

M Kirschenbaum Fine Jewelery Available Throughout the Nation

Imagine a beautiful moon reflected off the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Isabelle Kirschenbaum named this new collection of fancy diamonds for their resemblance to a beautiful moon. Isabelle's vision gave direction to The Luna Bella, the new design series from Martin Kirschenbaum, Inc. Designed by master craftsmen, and unlike any other, the Luna Bella Collection combines flawless diamonds in the richest of settings. Our necklaces have a very modern touch. With matching bracelets, rings, and earrings, a set of our jewels will delight your senses, and create admiration among your friends.

We are pleased to present our new Luna Bella Collection, featuring classically chic jewelry. These designs add color to every woman's life.

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Martin Kirschenbaum, Inc. at JCK Luxury Jewelry Show in Las Vegas, June 2008

Martin Kirschenbaum at JCK Luxury Jewelry Show in Vegas

Custom Design Services for Our Dealers

Martin Kirschenbaum, Inc., would like to announce new services we are offering to our clients. We have opened a new office in Carlsbad California for custom design services, while our New York office's focus is on diamond cutting for the GIA and our other clients. We have created a joint venture with Rapaport Diamonds so they may take advantage of our cutting services for their extensive list of clients. If you have any stones which show wear or damage which need improvement, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We also offer a custom jewelry design service. We are offering to our clients a quick turnaround and custom pieces at very reasonable prices. We have set up the design service in Carlsbad which will send the clients a rendering of the design for approval. After approval it should take approximately 5 days to complete the piece. Everything piece is custom made to fit the customer's need and budget.