Diamond Recutting

We Repair and Recut Diamonds and other Quality Gems to recover their inherent value. Contact us...

Loose Pairs cut to perfectly match

We Will Buy or Broker Your Diamonds, Gold, & Previously Owned Jewelry

Reasons you should use Martin Kirschenbaum, Inc. to sell your jewelry:

  • We can offer more for your diamonds and jewelry because of our highly skilled diamond polishers and our strong network or of retailers who resell in upscale markets throughout the country.

  • Often, we are able to restore and redeem a stone because of our expertise in recutting diamonds and colored stones. While other jewelers may see a problem with a stone, we may see a way of increasing a stone's value.

  • We have operations all over the world, so we don’t always have to scrap gold or jewelry pieces. We can buy locally and market a worthy piece to our high-end clientele.


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Shipping Policies

We offer prepackaged shipping boxes. Items can be shipped to our attorney or directly to us. Within one day of receipt of the package, we will make a cash offer or ship the items back, fully insured.

Estate items of all sizes will be considered. Payment is immediate. Our phone number is 888-777-0030.